Q: How can I schedule an appointment?
A: To request services, please use the following link. If you have any questions about the form, you can leave us a voicemail at (305) 284-6949. Completed forms will be reviewed by clinic staff and when there is an opening, you will be contacted by a staff member to complete a telephone screening.
Q: Have your services changed due to COVID-19?
A: Yes, we are only providing services via telehealth at this time. You must have a videoconferencing device to receive services (e.g., telephone, computer, tablet). We are offering all of our usual therapy services (adult, child, family, and couples counseling); however, we are not offering assessments at this time.
Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: We do not accept insurance. We operate on a sliding fee scale that is based on income and number of dependents
Q: Do you offer home visits?
A: All sessions are conducted at the clinic in Coral Gables. Clinicians do not travel to client’s homes to offer services.
Q: How long does therapy usually last?
A: Because each client and the nature of his or her concerns are different, it is difficult to give an estimate of the typical length of therapy. The length of therapy is determined between each client and his or her therapist. Many clients find resolution to their presenting concerns in 6-9 months.
Q: Is there a cap on how long I can continue to receive therapy at the IIFC?
A: We do not place a limit to the number of sessions a client may attend. Therapists are at the IIFC for about 1 year. If a client desires to continue at the IIFC after his/her therapist finishes their practicum at the IIFC, he/she may request to be transferred to another therapist.
Q: What kinds of clients do you accept at your clinic?
A: Clients come with a variety of presenting concerns including difficulties in relationships, depression, anxiety, irrational fears, oppositional children, managing ADHD, mood shifts, and more. In the first appointment, you and your clinician will talk about your concerns and ensure that the clinic will be suited to address your needs. We do not take walk-in appointments. We also do not take clients who are experiencing an emergency. If you are in urgent need of psychological care, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
Q: Who are your clinicians?
A: Clinicians are advanced masters and doctoral students in the Department of Educational & Psychological Studies at the University of Miami. To ensure quality services, clinicians discuss cases with their supervisor, who is a licensed psychologist.
Q: How often will I meet with my therapist?
A: Typically, clients meet with their therapist once a week for 50 minutes.
Q: I have a friend or family member that needs help. Can I call for them?
A: If the person you are calling for is 17 or under, a parent or legal guardian must give consent for the child to be in treatment.
Q: What should I expect in my first visit?
A: The first visit is called an intake appointment. Intake appointments last for 2 hours and cost $10. When you first arrive, you will meet your therapist and be asked to fill out an information form and consent form. During the appointment, your therapist will explain some basics about therapy such as confidentiality and establish a standing fee from the sliding fee scale. The therapist will likely dedicate the remainder of the session to gathering information about you that will help him or her better understand your situation. The purpose of the intake appointment is for both you and your therapist to establish whether the IIFC is the best place for you to receive help.