Bijan Heravi

Bijan Heravi

Sports marketing representative and NBPA Certified Player Agent

Sports marketing representative and NBPA Certified Player Agent, Bijan Heravi worked his way from niche sport markets such as CrossFit, MMA, and Olympic, into the NFL, NBA, and eSports. A double graduate from the University of Miami and University of Miami School of Law, Bijan went on to start his first management group, CVMG, during his 1L year, representing CrossFit Games phenom and fellow University of Miami graduate, Noah Ohlsen. Together, Bijan & Noah pioneered an untapped market, bringing traditional agency practices to unrepresented athletes. In their first year, Bijan strategically curated a growing endorsement portfolio that now yields Noah and athletes alike endorsement revenue exceeding most NFL & NBA players.

Through his experience in procuring, negotiating, and activating brand partnerships, Bijan Heravi has become a viable option for professional athletes interested in taking greater ownership of his or her marketing rights and empowering a more specialized marketing representative. Bijan’s non-exclusive services have allowed him to partner on athletes with some of the largest agencies such as Priority Sports, CAA, RSR, & others. With a keen ability to understand a brand’s concept, anticipate its marketing direction, and how aligning key athletes will yield both parties success, Bijan has earned himself the opportunity to work with marquee endemic & non-endemic brands.

Bijan Heravi resides in Miami, FL, trains at Peak 360, and travels year round, working independently with the help of several key relationships. Bijan has a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Business Law and a Juris Doctor with an emphasis in Intellectual Property, Contracts, and Negotiations. His athletes commonly joke that he trains more than they do, but he credits many of his relationships to his hours in the gym.

“I wasn’t ready to give up the journey, even if it wasn’t my journey. I realized, it was never about me.” - Bijan Heravi