April 14th, 2022

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UM SIC Countdown

The University of Miami (UM) Sport Administration Program (School of Education & Human Development), will be hosting its "7th" Annual Global Sport Industry Conference (SIC) on April 14th, 2022.

  • Katie Wohl
    I think hearing from individuals currently working in the industry is a great addition to what we learn in the classroom. I've had the chance to meet and network with people I otherwise probably never would have had access to.
    Katie Wohl
    UM Sport Administration Student
  • Josh Rosen
    Over my four years here at UM, I consider the Sports Industry Conference one of the most beneficial and impactful events I have attended on campus. This conference is a must for any students interested in a career in sports who want the inside scoop on the industry. From listening to proven professionals in so many different areas of sports, to networking events with some of the largest sports companies in the world, there is something to gain for everyone that attends.The conference has helped me grow my personal and professional network, helping me develop relationships with people I now call friends all across the country. Perhaps my favorite part of the conference is that it is not created for just one type of person. With previous panels covering topics such as technology, sociology, market structure, and so much more, attendees have exposure to so many different great ideas and thought processes. The University of Miami Sports Industry Conference truly is a can’t-miss event.
    Josh Rosen
    UM Sport Administration Student
  • Austin Furgatch
    The University of Miami Sports Conference has provided me with invaluable and exclusive networking opportunities with some of the most respected names in the sports world without even stepping a foot off campus. The panelists’ willingness to support and aid in my pursuit of a career in the sports industry is not only an unbelievable resource but also has me excited to attend the conference for many years to come.
    Austin Furgatch
    UM Sport Administration Student
  • Stephanie Nakash
    Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Global Entertainment and Sports Industry Conference. I loved how the conference covered a myriad of topics such as sexual harassment, the rise of activism, and brand building for athletes in both the entertainment sector as well as the sports sector. To be able to hear from and network with renowned professionals such as the Vice President and general manager at Home Team Sports, Arny Schreer, ESPN’s Maria Taylor, and Ivan Parron of PARRON LAW is an incredible opportunity that one should never take for granted.
    Stephanie Nakash
    UM Sport Administration Student
  • JD Danto
    This is an awesome way to immerse yourself in the industry. The general conference is separated into unique seminars and panels that offer some of the best speakers that sports has to offer. Each panel talks about unique trends and issues in sport, doing so in an interactive manner. I was able to network with both panelists and fellow attendees of the conference. It truly is an experience that leaves you excited to build a career in the sports administration field!
    JD Danto
    UM Sport Administration Student
  • Lauren Markwith
    The conference last year was amazing. Getting to listen and network with so many incredible professionals in the sports industry business was such a benefiting experience. I actually got to meet and talk with Maria Taylor, ESPN analyst, who is one of my role models, I learned so much just talking to her. I am super excited and cannot wait for this year’s conference.
    Lauren Markwith
    UM Broadcast Journalism Student
  • Shawn McGee
    The University of Miami SportAdministration Department (U-SPORT) brought together some of the top sports marketing executives from across the country and across the world last year for a two-day conference that covered a wide array of topics. The diversity of both the individuals and their scope of expertise was amazing. You did not have to be a UM Student to attend and, in fact, there were many sport executives at all experience levels in the audience. Students and sports executives alike got the opportunity to hear from people who lead leagues, teams, networks and sports-related organizations. The intimate setting allowed for once-in-a-lifetime exposure to and interaction with these sports leaders. If you are interested in a career in sports marketing or if you have recently started your career in sports marketing, you should attend this conference.
    Shawn McGee
    Director of Corporate Partnerships, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee
  • Bill Fagan
    The Miami Sport Industry Conference provides the perfect home for all stakeholders active or interested in the sport and entertainment industry to interact.  The access to industry experts and engagement opportunities are unparalleled.  The attendees provide a global industry perspective reaching far beyond South Florida.  Save the date.  You’ll be glad you did!
    Bill Fagan
    COO, The Aspire Sport Marketing Group LLC
  • Marcelo Claudino
    The UM Sports Industry Conference is a "must-attend" conference for sport professionals who want to establish connections with local and global experts. The conference stimulates networking and provides updated information about the trends in sports industry.
    Marcelo Claudino
    CEO, TopSoccer and TopConsulting

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