TAL Project

2022 -2023


Mary A. Avalos, PI, 305-284-6467, mavalos@miami.edu


Given the changes in currency and global markets, there is an urgent need to learn more about financial literacy (FinLit) in pre-K–12 contexts. An executive summary of the literature written during spring 2022, provides an overview of (i) The Current State of FinLit in the U.S., (ii) FinLit Teacher Training in the U.S., (iii) Students and FinLit, (iv) Florida Requirements and M-DCPS FinLit Programs, (v) The Integration of FinLit in pre-K-12 Curricula, (vi) Key Lessons Learned, (vii) Approaches to Evaluation Studies for Curricula, (viii) Evaluation of Specific Curricula, (ix) General Findings for Evaluation Studies of Curricula, and (x) Teacher Perceptions, Competency, and Preparedness in relation to FinLit knowledge and pedagogy. A recorded presentation of these findings is also available.