TAL Project

2022 -2023


Mary A. Avalos, PI, 305-284-6467, mavalos@miami.edu,
Matthew Deroo, Co-PI,
Mistoria Brown, doctoral student research assistant,
Sarah Ghulman, doctoral student research assistant,
Deborah Perez, doctoral student research assistant,
Svetlana Radojcic, doctoral student research assistant,
Nastasia Schreiner, doctoral student research assistant


The purpose of this study is to explore perceptions of school, schooling, and equitable learning opportunities for STEM subjects and literacies among currently or formerly enrolled high school students and their parents/guardians. The current and former high school students included as part of this study are ethnically and linguistically diverse, from underrepresented backgrounds in higher education (e.g., Black, Latinx). The objective of this work is to use community-engaged research methods to interview and understand students’ perspectives around education to elicit diverse experiences that may inform more equitable STEM education opportunities.