KIN Project

2022 -2023


Arlette Perry, PI,
Joey Bonner, doctoral student research assistant
Sophia Racette, doctoral student research assistant
Rachel Cardoso, MD, Visiting Scholar- Endocrinologist
Ingrid Hernandes, Visiting Scholar -Sport Psychologist


The THINK program is created to inspire underserved youth to improve their nutrition and exercise science knowledge and motivate students to improve their own personal health and lifestyle behaviors. Rooted in a STEM background, the program integrates clinical experiences and laboratory skills into a theory-based classroom developing the student’s knowledge base in nutrition and exercise science. It is one of the first programs to infuse physical activities integral to fitness and health, into a classroom setting in order to apply knowledge acquired in the nutrition and exercise sciences.  The program will be updated to integrate social emotional learning and increased STEM activities to enhance the interface of physical, psychological, and educational well-being into a single curriculum. The program has been implemented as a required course for middle schools, as an after-school program in partnership with the YMCA, and as a summer program offered at the University of Miami’s Laboratory of Clinical and Applied Physiology in the SEHD.