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Department of Educational and Psychological Studies

We generate knowledge and prepare reflective leaders, researchers, methodologists, and practitioners to improve psychological, educational, and community well-being .

Welcome to the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies! Intellectual stimulation and cooperation characterize the academic culture within the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies. Due to our School’s unique location, students can look forward to practical experiences working with diverse populations. Faculty and students create a community of scholars in which respect and professionalism are common goals. From this solid base of mutual support, students are encouraged to take risks to maximize learning.

Slide Professor Blaine J. Fowers, Ph.D. During the week of 16th May 2016, the Jubilee Centre was delighted to welcome Blaine Fowers as a Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2016. Blaine, who is Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Miami, focusses his work on the contributions of Aristotle's ethics to a richer understanding of research and clinical practices in psychology and of ordinary life. During his visit he had the opportunity to meet with the Centre's researchers to discuss projects and delivered a seminar titled 'How Can Humans Flourish as Dependent, Vulnerable Creatures? The Necessity of Virtue' as part of the Centre's bi-weekly seminar series. Slide Emaan Lehardy (Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology) shares her experience at the doctoral program in the EPS department. PROJECTS Slide Kari Weiterschan (Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology) discusses characteristics of student veterans at the University of Miami. Read More Slide Won the 2018 International Humanitarian Award from the American Psychological Association for her extraordinary mental health service and support to Caribbean immigrant populations, especially Haitians. Read More Professor Guerda Nicolas, Ph.D Slide The Impact of Deportations and Family Separations on Communities. Read More Professor Ashmeet Oberoi, Ph.D

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  • With a UM degree I feel like I will be able to do more than just be a coach. It gives me a lot more options. The networking is also unbelievable, I have gotten access to front offices and influential sporting people in the industry.
    Leslie Fitzpatrick
    Current UOnline Sport Administration student, Former World Cup soccer player for Trinidad & Tobago
  • I love the diversity of students, the professors and classes, all of the fun events, the great weather, and the incredible school spirit.
    Nicole, 2012
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  • The Campus! Studying on the green, eating at the Rat with friends or simply hanging out by the lake, there's no way you can ever have a bad day at the U!  
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Academic Areas

Community & Social Change seeks to prepare globally aware leaders, researchers, and agents of change who create, inspire, and engage community organizations to foster well-being in diverse community settings.

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Community Well-Being seeks to train community-engaged action-researchers committed to promoting well-being and social justice through rigorous theoretical analysis and community-based research.

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Diversity is a significant feature of the program reflected in the student body, our faculty, our curriculum, the clientele of our training clinic and practicum sites, the University, and the vibrant multicultural environment of Miami. The program embraces a social justice approach. Our students train with organizations serving disenfranchised communities during their off-campus practicum experience.

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We are dedicated to excellence in the development of multiculturally competent reflective researchers and practitioners in Counseling Psychology.

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Skilled professionals emerge from our M.S.Ed. program well-prepared for diverse roles in college and university administration and ready to tackle today’s challenges from a broad-based, highly informed perspective.

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The University of Miami Executive Ed.D. prepares students for transformational leadership roles in colleges and universities, education-related organizations and public policy arenas while saving time, a precious commodity.

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Become a leading program in the integration of social science and applied skills in the promotion of individual, relational, and community well-being. To train leading thinkers, professionals and future scholars in the pursuit of innovative, scientific, and practical approaches to the promotion of well-being.

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The Research, Measurement & Evaluation Program prepares students in the broad fields of behavioral research, statistics and evaluation.

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Featured Projects

August 3, 2016

Miami Engagement

Dr. Scot Evans along with faculty in the Department of History – lead professor Dr. Robin Bachin Assistant Provost and Director of the Office of Civic & Community Engagement, and the School of Communication – ProfessorTsitsi Wahisi , supported by funds from the Teagle Foundation, created and taught a new undergraduate multidisciplinary course “Miami Engagement” that explores the Miami Community from the lens of public history, media and social change. The course […]
August 3, 2016

Partnership between the IIFC and the South Miami Children’s Clinic

A partnership between the EPS training clinic for the Counseling Master’s and Doctoral Program, The Institute for Individual and Family Counseling (IIFC) directed by Dr. Perez-Lima with office management by Ms. Jacqueline Ojeda, and the South Miami Children’s Clinic created a referral agreement with the South Miami Children’s Clinic and Dr. Tina Scott – who has been providing pediatric services to the community for uninsured children and families since 2007. Dr. Scott’s […]
August 3, 2016

Partnership with Breakthrough Miami

Our partnership with Breakthrough Miami, initiated by Dr. Guerda Nicolas brings hundreds of students and staff to our campus for Breakthrough Miami’s College Bound Program on Saturdays throughout the academic year and for six weeks in the summer, and provides curriculum development and research opportunities for UM faculty and students for evaluating effectiveness and understanding achievement. Also, we are hosting the Summer Breakthrough Teaching Residency Program, where top college students competitively selected […]
August 3, 2016

Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits

Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits was funded by Drs. Blaine Fowers’ (EPS) and Brad Cokelet’s (Philosophy) grant from the Self, Motivation, and Virtues (SMV) project, funding for which came from the Templeton Foundation. The project begins on Sept 1st 2016 and is funded through May 201. The project represents an unique interdisciplinary partnership between psychology and philosophy to examine the “virtue” as an intersection of the two fields and representative of […]

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