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The Master’s Program in Counseling provides:

Diversity is a significant feature of the program reflected in the student body, our faculty, our curriculum, the clientele of our training clinic and practicum sites, the University, and the vibrant multicultural environment of Miami. The program embraces a social justice approach. Our students train with organizations serving disenfranchised communities during their off-campus practicum experience.

Our program includes interrelated objectives: to provide a broad, research-based understanding of human functioning; to promote the development of skills and behaviors essential for ethical and effective clinical work in diverse setting with diverse populations; and to facilitate reflective practice and professional development.


We are in the process of seeking accreditation by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).
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Dr. Bejarano, program director and psychologist, was interviewed by Telemundo for their Spanish-language programming and series titled “El Poder En Ti” (The Power in You). She discussed how to handle problems at work, responding to a loved one with cancer, and self-empowerment of women.


Anabel Bejarano

Clinical Assistant Professor, and Director, Master's Programs in Counseling


Office: Merrick Building 312 W

Lisette Perez-Lima

Clinical Assistant Professor

305 284 6949

Office: Max Orovitz Building Suite 201

Guerda Nicolas



Office: MO 308 B

Maite Mena

Research Assistant Professor, Clinic Supervisor


Office: Max Orovitz 304-B

Daniel Santisteban



Office: MO 312

Robert McMahon

Professor, Clinic Supervisor


Office: MB 312 X

Debbiesiu Lee

Associate Professor


Office: MB 312 Q

Adjunct Faculty

Clinic Supervisors

Dulce Jane, Ph.D.

Michelle Fernandez, Ph.D.

Lauren Miller, Ph.D.

Terilee Wunderman, Ph.D.

Marcelo Esteban, Ph.D.

Regina Mendoza, Ph.D.

Lissette Perez-Lima, Ph.D.

Maite Mena, Ph.D.

Robert McMahon, Ph.D.

Academic Area Contact

Dr. Guerda Nicolas

Professor, and Program Director, Master's Programs in Counseling

MO 308 B