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Women’s Health – Cert.

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Women's HealthCertificate

Women’s Health Certificate Program
The Women’s Health Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for careers in health professions, applied physiology, and pharmacology focusing on health issues specific to women.

The program consists of a 4-part series on cutting edge research regarding health, fitness, and gender from a women’s perspective. Prerequisite courses for the Women’s Health Certificate Program are chemistry, biology and physiology.

All participants must successfully complete the following four courses for the Certificate in Women’s Health. These courses also qualify as an outside supporting field in the Exercise Physiology Ph.D. program:

  • KIN 781 Issues Specific to Women’s Health
  • KIN 782 Psychosocial Issues in Women’s Health
  • KIN 783 Sports Medicine for the Female Athlete
  • KIN 784 Science and Etiology of Obesity

All participants will:

  • Earn a program certificate in Women’s Health
  • Earn 12 credit-hours from the University of Miami
  • Receive a compilation of the latest supplementary materials, reading list, brochures and resource Information with emphasis in Women’s Health

Courses are open to all health professionals, including exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, nurses, physical therapists, medical technicians, and those students with a strong science background who have interest in health promotion and disease prevention for women.

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Required Coursework

A certificate in women’s health (12 credit hours) is available for those wishing to specialize in research issues, trends, and physiological concerns of women across the female lifespan. Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in this specialty. Students will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all coursework in this specialty area. These courses may be considered as part of a student’s outside supporting field in the doctoral program.

The certification program:

  • Demonstrates the current knowledge and status of research in the field of Women’s Health
  • Focuses upon health issues specific to women
  • Provides an overview of women’s health across the female lifespan
  • Emphasizes physiological issues, development and maturation, disease prevention, female athlete concerns, and endocrine issues
  • Provides exercise and nutrition information

KIN 781 Issues Specific to Women's Health
KIN 782 Psychosocial Issues in Women's Health
KIN 783 Sports Medicine for the Female Athlete
KIN 784 Science and Etiology of Obesity
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Program Contact

Arlette Perry

Professor, Department of Kinesiology & Sport Sciences; Director, Laboratory of Clinical & Applied Physiology


Room: Merrick Building 315

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