Walter G. Secada’s Research – School of Education & Human Development

Walter G. Secada’s Research

Walter G. Secada’s scholarly interests include issues of student diversity and equity in education, how people learn across the various STEM fields, curriculum reform, school restructuring, bilingualism and the education of non-dominant-language learners and assessment.  At present, he is working with colleagues from Florida State University and the University of Central Florida on a large scale, randomized-control-trials study of a professional development program that is known as Cognitively Guided Instruction; his specific research involves contrasting CGI and traditional classrooms in terms of mathematics-curriculum enactment and teaching practices. Also, he continues to study how the language features of mathematics may provide challenges and affordances to late-elementary and middle-school students who are learning mathematics and who range from English learners to fully proficient in English. A fluent speaker of and literate in Spanish, he is analyzing a series of videotapes where high-school algebra is taught bilingually in terms of teacher practices and language-based math-classroom participatory structures.