Three-day Intensive Workshop on Bayesian Statistical Modeling

Three-day Workshop on Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Modeling

Dr. Roy Levy (Associate Professor, Arizona State University)

Overview of Workshop

The three-day workshop is intended as a theoretical and practical introduction to Bayesian statistical modeling. Both practically and philosophically, the Bayesian approach to modeling departs from traditional frequentist methods that constitute the majority of statistical training. Adopting a Bayesian approach allows an analyst to accomplish statistical and inferential goals that cannot be attained by, or pose considerable challenges to, conventional frequentist approaches, and recent computational advances now allow researchers access to this wider class of models. Indeed, a number of sophisticated analyses in frequentist approaches are, in fact, explicitly Bayesian or approximations to Bayesian analyses (e.g., multiple imputation for missing data, multilevel modeling of clustered observations, etc.). Therefore, more attention in the literature has been paid to Bayesian statistical modeling and inference as an attractive alternative to frequentist approaches. In this three-day workshop, Bayesian statistical modeling will be presented in a relation to participants� existing knowledge of traditional frequentist approaches.

Dr. Roy Levy is an Associate Professor of Measurement and Statistical Analysis in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University, where he teaches coursework in Bayesian statistical modeling. The three-day workshop from 11/15 � 11/17 will be focused on an intensive instruction on the conceptual understanding of Bayesian Statistical Modeling and its applications to practice using Winsteps, which will be followed by an extensive introduction session of Bayesian Statistical Modeling targeting general population on 11/15 from 8 to 10am.

Who Should Attend?

Virtually anyone who does statistical analysis can benefit from this workshop. It is expected that anyone who has fair understanding on frequentist approaches to statistics (e.g., hypothesis testing, confidence intervals) is ready for this workshop.


Registration fee of $100 includes all course materials. Note that seats are limited.

Payment Information

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