Language and Literacy Learning in Multilingual Settings

This specialization is designed for students with a strong interest in research and its application to understanding language and literacy-related phenomena that intersect with issues of linguistic and cultural diversity in education.

The LLLMS faculty conduct research on a variety of topics including teaching English as a second language (ESL), bilingual education, literacy practices, digital literacies, with a focus on culturally and linguistically diverse student populations.


The LLLMS faculty combine practical classroom expertise and scholarly attainments. We see these two aspects of our work as a natural and necessary combination: either would be diminished by the absence of the other. Through research, we seek to advance knowledge in our respective fields to inform policy and improve practice. As teachers, scholars, and learners, we engage in collaborative school and community improvement efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.

Luciana de Oliveira

Professor & Chair, LLLMS Program Director

305 284 6495

Office: Merrick Building 222 A

Ana Menda

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

305 284 5363

Office: Merrick Building 222-F

Mary Avalos

Research Associate Professor

305 284 6467

Office: Max Orovitz Building 305

Academic Area Contact

Luciana de Oliveira

Professor & Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning


Merrick Building 222 A