Introducing Angie Gonzalez-Kurver – Director of Development – School of Education & Human Development

Introducing Angie Gonzalez-Kurver – Director of Development

Angie J. Gonzalez-Kurver started her professional career as a teacher in her native Texas. Now, she has returned to her favorite field as the new director of development for the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD).

“It’s an exciting time for our school as we prepare to celebrate our 90th year anniversary, advance our new dean’s vision for the school, and continue to provide excellent learning experiences for our students,” said Gonzalez-Kurver. "What I love the most about being part of the SEHD team is the positive energy that comes with working alongside students, faculty, staff, alumni, and a hard-working and dedicated dean!”

Growing up in Los Fresnos, Texas, González-Kurver was inspired by her first-grade teacher, Mrs. Isaura Ruiz. “I always wanted to be like her, teaching children in a kind and loving way” she recalled. After high school, González-Kurver enrolled at the University of Texas at Brownsville to become a teacher. She majored in Spanish and minored in government, then got her first job as a middle-school teacher in her hometown.

“While I enjoyed teaching, I decided I wanted to do more to help my community,” she said. “So, I worked in the public and nonprofit sectors.” González-Kurver joined the housing authority, connecting residents to local agencies and non-profits for services, and then spent four years with the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas. One of the most rewarding experiences for her was providing scouting to underserved girls in communities along the Texas-Mexico border. “There were many underserved children who didn’t have an opportunity to attend a traditional after-school scouting program,” she said. “So through community support and grants we were able to enter those schools and offer a weekly program during their PE class.”

From there, González-Kurver moved into higher education, serving as director of continuing and community education at Texas State Tech College in Harlingen. She then became assistant vice president for external relations, overseeing development, grant writing and government relations. She then took on a development role at her alma mater, University of Texas at Brownsville.

Five years ago, she moved to Miami after meeting her husband Anthony. “My first choice was the University of Miami, and I was honored to be named development director for the College of Arts & Sciences,” she said. “This spring, I decided to make the move to the SEHD, and get back into education.”

Looking ahead, González-Kurver said her priorities include connecting with the sschool’s alumni, and building meaningful relationships that will help provide the best experiences for students. She also appreciates being part of a team that believes education, physical and community well-being can have a positive impact on the world. She added, “I want students, alumni, parents and supporters of the school to know I am committed to working alongside Dean Kohn-Wood, and her amazing faculty and staff to fully realize her vision and hope they join us on this very exciting journey. Go ‘Canes!”

For more information or to learn how to support the School of Education and Human Development, you can reach Angie González-Kurver at 305-284-5038 or

By: Richard Westlund