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Higher Education Leadership – Traditional Track – Ed.D.

Educational and Psychological Studies

Higher Education Leadership - Traditional TrackEd.D.

Next Cohort - Fall 2018.

The doctorate in Higher Education Leadership is designed to prepare students for important leadership roles in colleges and universities, government, professional organizations, and other entities of higher education that focus on the application of knowledge, research, and theory to improve educational practice.

Built on a practitioner-scholar model, the program engenders a firm understanding of the many factors contributing to the academic and personal success of individual college students and to fulfillment of the academic mission of the institution that seeks to serve those students and society. This understanding is grounded in theory, research skills and analysis, and in the principles of enrollment management, a holistic approach that considers effects on students, families and community of every component of the higher education experience, from recruitment through matriculation and beyond.

The University of Miami is a nationally recognized leader in both the study and practice of enrollment management. Ours is an expansive curriculum taught by a faculty of scholars and administrators from the School of Education and the Division of Enrollment Management, which offers a working laboratory for enrollment management activities. Open to both full- and part-time students, the program offers many evening classes.

Minimum requirements for the program, which leads to a doctorate of education degree in higher education, include 84 graduate credits or 60 credits above the master’s degree. Areas of study are composed of the foundations of higher education, including its unique structure and administration, history, and college student diversity and maturation; the core issues facing today’s higher education leaders in curriculum, law and public policy, and student affairs; and research skills and applications.

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Required Coursework

EPS 737 Organization and Administration of Higher Education I
EPS 742 Higher Education in the United States: From Harvard to Present
EPS 744 Student Diversity in American Higher Education
EPS 745 Organization of Higher Education II: Governance, Leadership and Finance
EPS 746 College Student Development: Theory, Research and Practice
EPS 748 Enrollment Management: Theory and Practice
EPS 749 Advanced Seminar in Enrollment Management
EPS 751 Seminar in Higher Education: Contemporary Issues
EPS 754 Practicum: Administration of Higher Education

Select 9 credit hours from the following or as otherwise approved:

EPS 625 Program Evaluation
EPS 700 Quantitative Methods I
EPS 701 Introduction to Research Methods
EPS 702 Quantitative Methods II
EPS 703 Applied Multivariate Statistics
EPS 704 Computer Applications in Educational and Behavioral Science Research
EPS 705 Measurement and Psychometric Theory
EPS 706 Categorical Data Analysis
EPS 708 An Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling for Multivariable Data
EPS 714 Qualitative Methods I
EPS 715 Qualitative Methods II: Case Studies and Grounded Theory

Select 12 credit hours from the following or as otherwise approved:

EPS 738 Effective Teaching in Higher Educatioon
EPS 739 The Community College
EPS 740 Administration of Student Affairs
EPS 741 Basic Skills in Counseling & Interviewing
EPS 743 Psychological Bases of Education
EPS 747 Critical Issues in Student Affairs
EPS 750 Seminar in Higher Education/Enrollment Management: Contemporary Issues
EPS 753 Internship in Teaching
EPS 754 Practicum: Administration of Higher Education
EPS 755 Group Dynamics and Communication Skills
EPS 764 Workshop in Education
EPS 765 Workshop in Education
EPS 766 Workshop in Education
EPS 752 Dissertation Proposal Seminar
EPS 830 Pre-Candidacy Dissertation Research
EPS 835 Doctor of Education Dissertation
EPS 840 Post-Candidacy Dissertation Research
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Program Director

Carol - Anne Phekoo

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Educational and Psychological Studies; Program Director, Higher Education Program


Room: Merrick Building 311-A