Getting to know U: Sharon L. Smith – School of Education & Human Development

Getting to know U: Sharon L. Smith

Sharon L. Smith

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Teaching and Learning

What is your favorite vacation spot? OR Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?

What is your favorite movie and why?
I don't have a favorite movie, but one that I love is Gladiator, with its amazing soundtrack, action scenes, and setting in ancient Rome.

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do on weekends?
Anything outside - in Miami, I love going kayaking or just going to the beach.

What is special about the place you grew up? OR What is your favorite childhood memory?
I grew up out in the country in southern Indiana, and every time I go home, I'm always reminded how friendly everyone is. Every single person that passes me on the street always waves, even if they don't know me.

What is something nobody would guess about you (that you are willing to disclose!)?
In the last 10 years, I've moved 17 times! Three countries, six states, nine cities, and too many apartments!

What was your first impression of UM (or SEHD) when you first started working/going to school here?
I was awed by the campus! It is so different from the red brick buildings that I was used to in undergrad, and I still think it looks like a resort!