Getting to know U: Maxie Moreman – School of Education & Human Development

Getting to know U: Maxie Moreman

"Maxie" Ashley Maxie-Moreman

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student

Research Assistant - CRECER Lab

What is your favorite vacation spot? OR Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?
My favorite vacation spot so far is Tulum, Mexico. It’s beautiful, so peaceful, and reminds me of my other favorite place, Bali! Take me back!

What is your favorite movie and why?
I have so many movies that I love, so I’ll just say my favorite movie in the past two years… It’s without a doubt, Moonlight (written and directed by Barry Jenkins). It illustrated the complexities of Black Masculinity while highlighting systemic barriers that are real for so many children. I loved every single minute of it.

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do on weekends?
Hmmm I like to read, cook, and eat…I’m not sure if I like cooking or reading more, but I definitely like eating more than either of those. So, let’s go with that.

What is special about the place you grew up? OR What is your favorite childhood memory?
Oh, I have two! Begging my grandmother for a dollar when my big brother and I heard the ice cream truck driving by outside in Atlanta. After we managed to get some quarters out of her we would run outside to the ice cream truck window and he would pick me up and put me on his shoulders so I could see into the window. I always got a bagged pickle or an ice cream sandwich. My mom, dad, little brother and I went bike-riding and took a ridiculously long bike trail. My mom ended up swerving off the bike trail and breaking her wheel. So, my dad and my little brother took her bike and walked all the way to Wal-Mart to exchange it. Meanwhile my mom and I walked the rest of the way to Cold Stone and got ice cream and waited. My dad and brother came back with a brand-new bike. Gotta love Wal-Mart’s return policy.

What is something nobody would guess about you (that you are willing to disclose!)?
I’m a cry baby. I sobbed during the Battle of the Bastards on Game of Thrones. I mean literally sobbed.

What was your first impression of UM (or SEHD) when you first started working/going to school here?
“Wow, what a fancy campus.”