From the Desk of the Dean – October 2019 – School of Education & Human Development






From the Desk of the Dean - October 2019

At the SEHD, we engage in “Transformation through Education”. This isn’t just a tagline for us. Our pursuits include: Transformation in educational equity, transformation in the science of learning, as well as transformation in community engagement. We do this by taking seriously the current and potential interdisciplinary research that comes from having faculty expertise across physical, psychological and educational domains of inquiry. We also take seriously, and strive to embody, the UM definition of a ‘culture of belonging’ in which all members of the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development (SEHD), faculty, staff, students and friends are highly valued and have the opportunity to add value.

At the SEHD we have amazing faculty doing incredible work across multiple disciplines that engages students and community members across South Florida. Examples include: 1) Dr. Joe Signorile involving approximately 3 dozen undergraduate and graduate students in STEM-related research conducted in his Laboratory of Neuromuscular and Active Aging, in the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences at the Max Orovitz Laboratory, 2) Dr. Dan Santisteban and Dr. Maite Mena’s community engaged intervention research for Culturally Informed Faculty Focused and Individually Focused Treatment, 3) Dr. Mary Avalos, Dr. Wendy Cavendish-Morrison and Dr. Luciana de Oliveira’s 6M$ SEALED grant from the U.S. Department of Education which will have taught more than 100 Miami Dade County Public Schools practicing teachers in a project examining the effects of interactive teaching practices on diverse student learning.

Additional recent faculty accomplishments, along with our ongoing work to sharpen our strategic focus and to celebrate our 90th birthday, make the SEHD an exciting place to be!

Recent Faculty Accomplishments:

  • Dr. Cengiz Zopluoglu, Research Measurement and Evaluation Program faculty member in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies hosted the 8th Annual Conference on Test Security with over 200 researchers and practitioners gathering to share best practices for test security and enhancements that protect the validity of tests in academic, occupational and other settings.
  • Dr. Kevin Jacobs, Exercise Physiology Program faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences and SEHD Associate Dean of Research received a foundation grant to study postprandial fat metabolism after acute exercise among individuals with spinal cord injuries.
  • Dr. Lydia Buki, Counseling Psychology Program faculty member and PhD program director in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies hosted the National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA) Annual Conference with the theme “Nuestra Lucha Continúa: Embracing our Strengths to Tear Down Walls of Discrimination and Systemic Oppression.” During the event, she received the “Presidential Citation” from the NLPA.

Laura Kohn Wood