From the Desk of the Dean – August 2019 – School of Education & Human Development

From the Desk of the Dean - August 2019

Summer is over – the fall term begins! As the daughter of teachers, and as a lifetime academic who has been on a school-based calendar from childhood through middle age, I have become quite familiar with the odd admixture of feelings at the end of the summer. There is sadness that the “break” is ending, regret that all of my ambitious plans were not entirely realized, and excitement for the anticipatory thrill associated with ‘back to school’ which includes the thrill and hope for a new year of new opportunities and challenges. In reality, the typical ebb of summer has increasingly become a steady flow. While many students were away, many others remained on campus to engage in a variety of activities in research, internships, practicum placements, and summer coursework. Several faculty members utilize the summer to advance their research productivity, engage in field work, develop administrative initiatives, and teach summer courses.

Certainly, in the School of Education and Human Development we barely skipped a beat, with continued work on wonderful initiatives for the school year. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary our energies are focused on recalling the history of the school and offering an array of celebratory events for alumni, students, friends, faculty and staff members. Our anniversary theme is “Looking Back. Moving Forward.”

Please look for information about events throughout the year, and follow our social media posts to connect to our 90th birthday party! As I begin my second year as Dean, I am looking forward to moving into the actualization phase of our Strategic Plan; whereby we will refine and activate the four themes that emerged last year: Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Community Engagement, the Science of Learning and Equity in Academic Advancement. There are many additional exciting developments on tap for the 2019-2020 academic year in the School of Education and Human Development, and I hope to see you as we move into the fall and throughout the academic year!

Dean Laura Kohn-Wood