Avalos, Mary A. – School of Education & Human Development

Avalos, Mary A.

Research Associate Professor
Teaching and Learning
University of California at Riverside, Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, 1999
English Learners, Bilingualism, Disciplinary Literacy, Professional Development for Inservice Teachers

Mary A. Avalos is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include teacher development and professionalism and literacy/language development for multilingual learners using Systemic Functional Linguistics as a tool for language teaching. She has worked with teachers to develop interventions that provide explicit instruction for academic language, or the language of schooling, in reading/language arts, mathematics, and social studies.

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Avalos, M. A. (Principal Investigator), Cavendish, W., & de Oliveira, L. C. (Co-PIs). (2017-2020). Supporting Educators’ Academic Literacies and Enhanced Discourse (SEALED). The U.S. Department of Education, Supporting Effective Educator Development [SEED], $6,148,903.00.



Avalos, M. A. Co-Principal Investigator (PI, University of Miami Subcontract), with Carlo, M. S. (PI). (2015-2019). The effect of definitions, contextual support, and cognate status on 4th grade Spanish-speaking English learners’ (ELs) understanding of unfamiliar words in text. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 1, Exploration, Subcontract Award, $597,764.


Avalos, M. A., Co-Investigator (PI, University of Miami Subcontract); with Gort, M., (PI), Howard, E., & Caswell, L., (Co-PIs). (2014-2017). Writing for English Language Learners (WELLs): Exploring the Relationship Between Writing Instruction and Student Outcomes. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 1, Exploration, Subcontract Award, $277,611.



Avalos, M. A. (PI) in partnership with M-DCPS Division of Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies (2014-2015). Florida Academic Literacy Network, Miami-Dade Literacy Design Collaborative. The National Literacy Project, $15,000.



Avalos, M. A. (PI). (2011-2012). Examining the Impact of Professional Development to Improve Classroom Intervention Implementation and Project Success. University of Miami Provost Research Award, $16,494.



Secada, W. G. (PI), & Avalos, M. A. (Co-PI). (2010-2013). Language in Math. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 2, Development, $1,500,000.



Avalos, M. A., (PI). (2008-2009). Linguistic complexity of texts and comprehension of English language learners. Carnegie Corporation, Discretionary Funds, $50,000.



Avalos, M. A., (PI). (2002-2007). Reading Education Supports Scientific, Up-to-date Language Teaching Strategies (RESSULTS). Title III Professional Development Grant, U. S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition, $1,410,000.00.