Community Well-Being seeks to train community-engaged action-researchers committed to promoting well-being and social justice through rigorous theoretical analysis and community-based research.

The program in Community Well-Being (CWB) is designed to produce community-engaged scholars who can help understand and address the real challenges faced by local communities in a multi-cultural and global context. The CWB program is grounded in the academic discipline of Community Psychology, and draws on related disciplines in the social and health sciences.

The program is rooted in the discipline of Community Psychology and prepares scholars for careers in academia, research, and public policy. Community-engaged scholarship involves the researcher in a mutually beneficial partnership with the community. Such partnership augments the scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration, application, or engagement.



Academic Area Contact

Dina Birman

Professor of Educational and Psychological Studies Director, Community Well-Being Ph.D. Program (CWB) Editor in Chief, International Journal of Intercultural Relations


MB 311 AA