Community & Social Change

Community & Social Change seeks to prepare globally aware leaders, researchers, and agents of change who create, inspire, and engage community organizations to foster well-being in diverse community settings.

The community and social change program title has many layers that peel back to reveal the broad range of knowledge and experiences our students study. But, what is at it’s core? Communities are our office; the curriculum encourages students to engage and critique the complex systems influencing communities, and act in a manner that best acknowledges and addresses needs. Social change is our goal; combining theory, research, and action, the program encourages students to seize opportunities to create a transformative impact that last. In the Community and Social Change Master’s Program, what we do here is anything but ambiguous— we are simply trying to change the world.

What I want to share is how helpful the EdD program has been, how the theories and research we learned really do inform practice and world view. They become internalized and part of the everyday and help illuminate ways forward. . . . I can perceive now what has happened, this developmental process and transformation, and I know that I am a high-level professional because of it.

Sandra Gross, EdD 2018

Dean, International Programs & Intercultural Education
Universidad Internacional del Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

Academic Area Contact

Ashmeet Oberoi

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Community and Social Change Master’s Program


MB 312 S