CIFFTA Trainings Complete

CIFFTA Training Day Two

July 27, 2017

The CIFFTA team (Dr. Daniel Santisteban and Dr. Maite Mena) trained approximately 11 local mental health providers as part of a service delivery grant received by the center to deliver services to adolescents and families who are failing academically and who are displaying emotional/behavior problems that may impede their success. It is the first time the CIFFTA family therapy model is being exported in the local community.

CIFFTA was designed for youth ages 11-18, targeting risk and protective factors at the school, neighborhood, and environmental domains, including failing schools, discrimination, acculturation, immigration-related stressors, and disabilities.

The project team includes two critically important community partners, the Center for Family and Child Enrichment which serves the Miami Gardens community and ConnectFamilias which services the Little Havana and Allapattah communities. In addition to our own program, the CIFFTA Training Team will also provide training/coaching/supervision to two additional programs funded by the Children’s Trust to implement CIFFTA with Haitian and African American youth and families (Empowering Youth and Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center). Members of these four agencies attended the three day trainings, which concluded on July 27th.


CIFFTA Training Day One