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August 3, 2016

Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits

Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-integrated Traits was funded by Drs. Blaine Fowers’ (EPS) and Brad Cokelet’s (Philosophy) grant from the Self, Motivation, and Virtues (SMV) project, funding for which came from the Templeton Foundation. The project begins on Sept 1st 2016 and is funded through May 201. The project represents an unique interdisciplinary partnership between psychology and philosophy to examine the “virtue” as an intersection of the two fields and representative of […]
August 3, 2016

Partnership with Breakthrough Miami

Our partnership with Breakthrough Miami, initiated by Dr. Guerda Nicolas brings hundreds of students and staff to our campus for Breakthrough Miami’s College Bound Program on Saturdays throughout the academic year and for six weeks in the summer, and provides curriculum development and research opportunities for UM faculty and students for evaluating effectiveness and understanding achievement. Also, we are hosting the Summer Breakthrough Teaching Residency Program, where top college students competitively selected […]
August 3, 2016

Partnership between the IIFC and the South Miami Children’s Clinic

A partnership between the EPS training clinic for the Counseling Master’s and Doctoral Program, The Institute for Individual and Family Counseling (IIFC) directed by Dr. Perez-Lima with office management by Ms. Jacqueline Ojeda, and the South Miami Children’s Clinic created a referral agreement with the South Miami Children’s Clinic and Dr. Tina Scott – who has been providing pediatric services to the community for uninsured children and families since 2007. Dr. Scott’s […]
August 3, 2016

Miami Engagement

Dr. Scot Evans along with faculty in the Department of History – lead professor Dr. Robin Bachin Assistant Provost and Director of the Office of Civic & Community Engagement, and the School of Communication – ProfessorTsitsi Wahisi , supported by funds from the Teagle Foundation, created and taught a new undergraduate multidisciplinary course “Miami Engagement” that explores the Miami Community from the lens of public history, media and social change. The course […]