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Blaine J. Fowers

Blaine J. Fowers

University of Texas, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, 1987

Long before the University of Miami began its current emphasis on interdisciplinary research, Dr. Blaine Fowers had been conducting groundbreaking interdisciplinary work. Most recently, Dr. Fowers collaborated with Dr. Bradford Cokelet, a philosopher at the University of Kansas, on a theoretical and empirical project entitled “Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-Integrated Traits,” funded by the interdisciplinary Self, Virtue, and Motivation project, which was supported by the Templeton Religion Trust. This project examined the virtues of justice and kindness in studies using three divergent methods: an intensive longitudinal study, an experimental study, and a narrative interview study. The results provided substantial support for the predictions that virtues are traits that can be studied like any other psychological phenomenon. Drs. Fowers and Cokelet also developed the STRIVE-4 Model of Virtue, which provides an empirical model to guide virtue researchers in the coming decades. In the Fall of 2018, he initiated an international, interdisciplinary Moral Science Network that is designed to promote a field of research analogous to cognitive science. The Network already has approximately 90 prominent members from psychology, philosophy, sociology, business, medicine, and neuroscience. An initial meeting is planned for April, 2019.

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