Higher Education Administration: Enrollment Management – M.S.Ed.

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Higher Education Administration: Enrollment Management


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Designed to produce highly effective administrators and leaders, the Higher Education Administration Program is based in enrollment management, the only program of its kind in the nation. Enrollment management is an institution-wide approach that uses theory, research and teamwork to recruit and retain students and support their academic success, psychological development and personal well-being.

The 33-credit Enrollment Management (EM) concentration focuses on administrative service components that when strategically managed work together to recruit and retain students for the institution and provide seamless support from matriculation to graduation and beyond. Components examined in coursework and hands-on opportunities include recruitment and admissions, financial aid and scholarships, market and institutional research, student employment and career planning, records and registration, academic advising and support services, student accounts, housing and alumni affairs. Ours is an expansive, interdisciplinary curriculum taught by a faculty of scholars and administrators from the School of Education, School of Business Administration, and the Division of Enrollment Management, which for 17 years has been a national leader in the practice of enrollment management. Because it is a working laboratory for EM activities, the University of Miami offers unusual exposure to the departments and offices found at most colleges and universities as well as applications of theory to practice.

Required Coursework

The Higher Education Administration Program, which offers a Master of Science in Education with concentrations in Enrollment Management, Student Life and Development, or Institutional Research and Policy Analysis, is designed to produce skilled and versatile higher education administrators who understand all aspects of their professional environment.

Our graduates enter a variety of roles in college and university administration with the ability to consider today’s challenges from a broad-based, highly informed perspective.

Also offered is a Certificate Program for working professionals who already have Master’s degrees and seek career-furthering credentials and skills.

The Enrollment Management concentration (33 credit hours), the product of a unique collaboration between the School of Education and Human Development and the Division of Enrollments, integrates theory, research, teamwork, and effective communication. It is an interdisciplinary program, with courses also required in the School of Business Administration. Opportunities abound for integrating research and theory in daily practice.

EPS 748 Enrollment Management: Theory and Practice
EPS 749 Advanced Seminar in Enrollment Management
EPS 751 Seminar in Higher Education Administration: Contemporary Issues
EPS 737 Organization and Administration of Higher Education I
EPS 742 Higher Education in the United States: From Harvard to Present
EPS 744 Student Diversity in American Higher Education

May select 2 graduate business courses approved by program. 1

MGT 603 Leading Teams
MKT 660 Foundations of Marketing Management
POL 501 Budget and Financial Management and Administration

1 See Graduate Academic Advisor for guidance.


EPS 700 Quantitative Methods I

Select 3 credit hours from the following or as otherwise approved:

EPS 624 Essentials of Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences
EPS 625 Program Evaluation
EPS 714 Qualitative Methods I
EPS 717 Survey Research Methods

Select 3 credit hours from the following or as otherwise approved:

ECO 690 Essentials of Economic Theory
EPS 717 Survey Research Methods
EPS 739 The Community College
EPS 740 Administration of Student Affairs
EPS 741 Basic skills in Counseling and Interviewing
EPS 743 Psychological Bases of Education
EPS 745 Organization of Higher Education II: Governance, Leadership and Finance
EPS 746 College Student Development: Theory, Research and Practice
EPS 747 Critical Issues in Student Affairs
EPS 754 Practicum: Administration of Higher Education
MGT 602 Human Resource Management
MGT 603 Leading Teams
POL 501 Budget and Financial Management and Administration
POL 699 Directed Readings

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Program Director

Carol - Anne Phekoo

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Educational and Psychological Studies; Program Director, Higher Education Program


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