Counseling & Therapy

The Master’s in Counseling Program is designed to provide you with the academic preparation and initial practicum experience necessary for high quality professional careers in counseling and related fields.

Diversity is a significant feature of the Program, and is evident in the student body and faculty, the curriculum, the clientele of our practicum sites, the University, and the vibrant multicultural environment of Miami. The Master’s in Counseling Program is guided by a strong, committed seven-member faculty. Faculty members work from a variety of theoretical orientations, and you will be exposed to a range of perspectives in your academic and clinical work. The Program is an intellectually stimulating and collaborative environment in which student growth and development are fostered.

Our program includes a range of interrelated objectives: to provide a broad, research-based understanding of human functioning; to promote the development of skills and behaviors essential for ethical and effective clinical work in diverse setting with diverse populations; and to facilitate reflective practice and professional development. The Master’s Program in Counseling has two tracks, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.

Academic Area Contact

Anabel Bejarano

Clinical Assistant Professor, and Director, Master's Programs in Counseling


MB 312 W