Seeking Safety Training

The Practice Improvement Network Steering Committee

December 14, 2016

Coral Gables, FL – On Wednesday, December 14, at the Newman Alumni Center, the CEW-RC hosted a day long training in Seeking Safety, which is an evidenced-based treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Abuse. Originally, it was projected that 30 mental health providers would be trained; however, we actually had over 100 participants, including UM students and community mental health providers, attend the training. This turnout demonstrates the great enthusiasm for and interest in the training. Further, the attendance rate was excellent as was the feedback from participants.

For about six months, the Practice Improvement Network Steering Committee met to discuss various evidence-based treatments of interest in addition to barriers/challenges to implementation. The Steering Committee unanimously selected Seeking Safety for Phase 1 of this Health Foundation of South Florida funded project (described elsewhere). Now that the training has occurred, we will be entering the implementation phase. We are very excited about and deeply committed to the mission of this work—which is to build capacity across these four agencies (Banyan Health Systems, Center for Family and Child Enrichment, Camillus Health, and the Fellowship House) and to provide frontline treatments to our South Florida community. Over these next several months, our partners and providers will be receiving ongoing training, supervision, and consultation to ensure that fidelity is maintained throughout this implementation process. Feedback will regularly be solicited in order to improve the quality of our 3-year partnership.